Welcome brave adventurers to Robot Pirates!  This webcomic is the result of years of reflection, months of development, and more than a few false starts.

My first Strip, Robot Beach, represented the strip that I had always wanted to create since the time of my youth. It was sweet, simple, family-friendly and the story was a big allegory for my life during my 20s. Well, I’m 35 now and I have seen some POOP.

Robot Beach was a comic strip I created for my daughter. Robot Pirates however, is just for me. For many years now I’ve found my literary interests split between the future (robots, space, post apocalyptic societies, etc.) and the past (Pirates, 16th and 17th century exploration and 18th century naval warfare.)  So when it came time for me to develop a new project for myself, it seemed only natural to merge these two interests in the hopes that the world I would present felt fresh, unique and interesting to readers.  With this in mind, I tried a few different directions for Robot Pirates but the real breakthrough came one day recently while I was bored and doodling. I couldn’t really decide what to draw and so I just drew Carl the crab.

Suddenly everything just fell into place. It all just felt… right.

So here we are.  I’m excited to set forth on this new adventure.  I hope you’ll come with me!